The All India Academic Emergency Medicine Annual National congress
A High Quality Conference for Smart & Intelligent Legitimate Leaders in Emergency Medicine Sciences
with a Vision, Passion & Perseverance Focused on Progressing Patient Care


History is Important. Emergency Physicians in training need to know the correct history of the birth of Emergency Medicine as a specialty in India. Legitimate MCI / NBE Recognized MD/ DNB Training went through immense struggle to get to where it is today. It was persistence and dedication of the leading academicians of the nation which lead to the existence of the Legitimate Pathway.

  • Developing Teachers to train Postgraduates: Started FACEE Program and contact programs.
  • Getting Budgets sanctioned nationally, at state level and at College Level.
  • Getting ICMR/ DST to fund research in EM so we can innovate in a specialty: Its done! We have many EM Funded researchers across India.
  • Getting a PhD Program started: We have graduated 4 PhD already in EM Translational Research.
  • Create a Journal indexed in PubMed: We have done 3 Journals and have many more partner journals in PubMed so we can publish EM Research under “Alliance for Science” program
    • Journal of Emergencies Trauma and Shock: Read More..
    • International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Sciences Read More..
    • Journal of Global Infectious Diseases Read More..
  • Create an Organization: We created Emergency Medicine Association led by Legitimate leaders where MEMBERSHIP IS FREE Read More..
  • Create an Academic Arm: We created the Academic College of Emergency Experts where Fellowships are given by Competency assessment and not handed out by recommendation and cash for certificate model. Read More..
  • Get elected as the Only EM Organization to be a part of the National Guild of Association of Medicine in India with ASI, FOGSI, API and 22 others. Read More..
  • Create a Newsletter: TEAMS which is now in 11th year. Read More..
  • Create an Annual Board Review Course for Exam going students: NEMBRIC which is now in 11th year. Read More..
  • Create an Exam Simulation Course: EXAMATHALON which is now in 5th year. Read More..
  • Have an Annual Congress : INDUSEM which now is EMINDIA is into its 16th year.  Read More..
  • Have a Global Outreach: We are now the controlling full voting members of The World Academic Council for Emergency Medicine (WACEM) and India participates actively since last 5 years in the World Congress. The venue for this year’s congress is in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Read More..
  • The World Health Organization has recognized us as the Distinguished Collaborating Center for Emergency and Trauma. Read More..
  • Create State Levels Chapters: We have done it across India and now they have State Levels Academic Summits. Read More..
  • Create Super Speciality Sections and Conferences in:
  • Recognition of our Leaders in Key: We have our own Awards Read More..
  • Getting our Research Benchmarked and Promoted: We have built India’s Science Engine Read More..
  • SMART HUMANS will RECOGNIZE what it takes to Accomplish all the above in a short span. It takes Vision, Intelligence, Implementation Skills, and Leadership which just means Passion, Persistence and Hard Work!
  • Ours is a League of Extraordinary Leaders
  • We are now working on developing
    1. SPACE MEDICINE: Read More..
    2. Point Of Care Biomarker Discovery Grid: Read More..

We welcome you all to be part of the legacy !

Details on our history: Read More..

History of Summits: Read More..


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