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Welcome to e-EMINDIA 2020 – COVINDIA

This year’s conference takes the most familiar and highly renowned aspects of yesteryear EMINDIA conferences and brings it to the virtual stage. Over the years, EMINDIA has established itself as the premier national forum for bringing together the best and brightest of EM minds from across the country.

This year, our virtual approach seeks to broaden our audiences, encourage more members from our fraternity to actively participate in this scientific gathering and inspire upcoming EM physicians to step into the academic world and pursue groundbreaking research.

With COVID having overwhelmed our ED’s over the past months, it has also presented us all with a rare learning opportunity. To understand a novel disease, play a role in establishing and advancing evidence based management against the disease, contribute to emerging scientific literature and above all, adapt to rapidly evolving evidence. Such an opportunity very rarely presents itself and we intend to make the best of it. 

Academic College of Emergency Experts (ACEE) and Emergency Medicine Association (EMA), through their collaboration with the World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine (WACEM) and American College of Academic International Medicine (ACAIM) continue to be on the forefront of advancements in COVID. EMINDIA 2020 offers an opportunity for participating institutes and members to present their experiences with COVID, stories of their resilience, the successes they’ve achieved during these testing times, and the advances they have made to continue delivering optimal patient care.

We hereby strive to achieve all of this while continuing the cherished EMINDIA traditions. We remain the only national conference encouraging cross-discipline exchange of ideas and innovations while promoting the highest standards of Emergency and Trauma care. Our motto of patient centred education and research takes centre stage each year as we improve our Case Based Learning Conference (CBLC) models in an attempt to involve the youngest generations and inspire them to make strides in Emergency Medicine.

Endorsed by WACEM, and in collaboration with national and international experts from the ACEE, EMA, INDUSEM, and ACAIM, our conference offers educators, providers and academicians to interact with the upcoming talents in Emergency Medicine. As we grow and mature as a speciality in India, let us come together and celebrate the excellence among us.

Come join us at EMINDIA 2020!

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